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Phone & Tablet Repair

Phone or tablet screen smashed or accidentally gone for a swim? We can fix it for you and at the BEST PRICES in Hobart.
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Web Design

Complete Web solutions - Affordable, Meticulously Crafted and Beautifully Designed...
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Data Recovery

Hard drive failed? We can help recover precious photos/videos and documents that you've slaved over...
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Replacement screens, liquid spills, hard drive and Ram upgrades reinstall Operating System and more...
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Hard drive, Ram upgrades, reinstall OS, Printer, Internet/WiFi configuration and more...
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Virus Removal

We specialise in the detection and removal of malicious programs and we'll have you back up and running in no time...
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The not particularly clever name "Pomme IT" is (perhaps obviously) derived from the french for apple "pomme" ('cos we like ) and specialise in the repair, service and upgrade of all Apple/Mac products and because Pomme/Pom/Pohm/Pommy is an affectionate (I presume) nickname that Australians have for people from England (of which I am one). Pomme IT is relatively new, but then what isn't in the world of IT... In a nutshell, Pomme IT was born from a life long passion for IT and technology in general, our only ambition is to share our enthusiasm, experience and knowledge to solve all your IT needs. Unfortunately the grubby issue of remuneration will regrettably raise it's ugly head. But the real pay off for us will be to say we fixed it for you. Hope to do business with you soon, Dave.

Web Design

Having your own beautifully designed web-site needn't be the HUGE overwhelming, time consuming and expensive ordeal that it all too often can be... We can develop a beautifully designed and AFFORDABLE website for you and your business and optimise it to ensure your business gets noticed.

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responsive designs

We can build a site that detects what kind of device it's being viewed on - phone, tablet, computer etc. and respond by displaying your sites content appropriately making it as easy as possible for your customers to view, navigate and interact with your site.

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We can create an eCommerce site for you, where you can easily sell your products and services, accept payments, manage stock and invoices and even create mailing lists to keep all your customers up to date with all your latest products, services and offers.

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We can take care of your sites SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). By building a carefully optimised site with accurate page titles, meta tag descriptions, keywords etc. We can help to ensure your site has the highest possible organic (unpaid) search engine ranking.



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