Terms & Conditions

By leaving your device for repair with Pomme IT,  you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Pomme IT does not charge any quotation fees. And does not charge a repair fee if your device cannot be completed.

Standard jobs are usually quoted and completed within 24 Hours Once Received. More complicated jobs do take longer, depending upon hardware & software availability. In the case where hardware or software must be ordered for a job the time taken to receive this is at the discrepancy of the supplier and until this is received we cannot complete the job.

No liability will be taken for any loss of data from your device during service. It is recommended that all customers back up important data before sending in their job.

No liability will be taken for unavoidable physical damage to devices exterior during disassembly.

If your device is dented in such away as to hinder installation of a new screen, additional work, and therefore additional charges, may apply to correct this. You will be notified before any additional work is carried out.

While every effort is made to ensure that no dust gets in during glass only screen repairs, small amounts are sometimes unavoidable.

Many of the tablet screens including all iPad screens are held down only with double sided tape, and while we use the best quality tape and take great care to insure replacement screens are attached as well as possible, it's difficult to achieve the same level of adhesion as achieved in the original manufacture of the device (especially if your device frame has been dented and/or bent). Therefore we advise customers to take a little more care than usual of their devices after a screen replacement to ensure the screen doesn't come loose - avoid leaving the device in direct sunlight or anywhere else it may get hot and avoid any bending or torsional stresses to the device - the use of a good quality case is recommended.

The disposal of unclaimed goods act gives Pomme IT the right to dispose of any goods not collected within 60 days from the date of drop off as the phone will be considered abandoned and then becomes the property of Pomme IT this is to reimburse Pomme IT for the service of your device. This also applies to non-repair devices.

Job turnaround time may be affected by various factors. Pomme IT will take no responsibly nor reimburse any loss of income or damages for the inconvenience caused by the delay in turnaround time.

All faulty and spare parts will be disposed after completion of repair.

Customer must pay for any damage caused to Pomme IT loan phone, if issued.

Customer must pay replacement cost of Pomme IT loan phone (if issued), if lost or stolen.

Pomme IT does use parts supplied by customers. Pomme IT only uses its own approved parts.


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